Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Exploring Color

Last week, we told you about the Read My Mood tool from the Flower Council of Holland. Well, I just spent part of my morning using another one of their tools - Colour Experience. While I am sure many of you are well versed in color theory, this is a great refresher course, and it is especially geared to floral design. The tool has three different sections - learn, quiz, and create.

[image from Claire L. Evans]

The learning section goes over color theory, meanings of different colors, complementary colors, and gradations. The quiz section is self-explanatory with five multiple choice questions dealing with colors and flowers. The create section is especially fun. Here, you can complete assignments geared to get you thinking about creating bouquets for specific types of people, using different color combinations. For example, assignment 5 is to "make a bouquet with warm tints for a hotel with a cosy ambience." With different colors of flowers, you fill in a 4x4 box grid with the colors you choose. When you are done, you can compare your results to the professionals from the Flower Council.

It is a pretty interesting site and could inspire some color fun and may help you work color into your designs and flower arrangements more effectively. Click here to check out the ColourExperience.


Kat said...
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Kat said...

Love this photo, have added a link to my blog, hope that's okay! thepaperflorist.blogspot.com