Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stress Busters

KB10109_w4Believe it or not, recent behavioral studies have uncovered quite possibly the simplest way to improve emotional health and wellbeing – flowers. Considering the fast-paced and highly-stressed lifestyle most of us lead today, this comes as a welcome discovery. Besides exercise and other personal lifestyle changes as stress relief, flowers can also be used as a way to feel better and more relaxed.

It has been found that being around flowers triggers uplifting emotions like happiness. Flowers are also able to enhance good feelings such as life satisfaction and also affect people’s behavior in a social situation.

As natural and healthy mood moderators, flowers have the power to:

  • Immediately alter moods
    When someone receives flowers, happiness is almost instantaneous, displaying excited smiles indicating extreme pleasure.
    • (This result occurs in all age groups.)
  • Affect moods in the long run
    People who receive flowers are more likely to be less anxious, depressed and restless. They experience heightened enjoyment and are more satisfied with their lives than those who have not received flowers.
    • (Think of seniors in retirement homes.)
  • Create intimate bonds with others
    Being around flowers makes people more sociable and leads to increased contact with others, especially friends and family.
    • (The “Valentine” Effect.)
  • Brighten up spaces and create a sharing atmosphere
    Most people position their floral arrangements in highly visible places such as the living and dining rooms, and in hallways and entrance halls. In other words, the flowers are placed in areas where visitors are welcomed.
    • (An instant “I value you” message!)

There's no two ways about it – with such a compelling argument, there's no reason why we should let stress get the better of us. Especially in the present day environment, anything that helps us feel better is most welcomed! Surround yourself and your loved ones with flowers, and see the difference for yourself.