Monday, January 28, 2008


Anemones: The name comes from the Greek word for wind, windflower. These delicate flowers originate from the Mediterranean and belong to the buttercup family. They come in shades of red, purple, and pink. Typically, the flowers have a black center. Theses flowers are perfect for bud vases, because they are so interesting on their own. Or put a bunch of them with a little bit of foliage into a larger vase. Take a look at a bunch from Canada's Style at Home.

[images, top to bottom, left to right: tanakawho, yugoQ,
tanakawho, tanakawho, HeyBert_2332, MR+G]
Care tips:
Anemones do not require any special treatment. They like well-lit spaces, but not direct sunlight. They also prefer cooler spaces. As always, keep them in water and check the water supply regularly. The flowers will continue to grow in the vase. You can cut them down, if the stems start to droop.

For more information about the flower, check out the
UK Flower and Plants Association website.

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