Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bud Vases

Bud vases make using and buying flowers so easy and affordable. They provide a simple way to bring fresh flowers into your home or workspace. With just one or two stems of gerber daisies, roses, ranunculus, or your favorite flower, a bud vase easily comes to life. These beautiful and homemade bud vases are all available from Etsy.

Top left: From kimwestad, $75.00; Top right: from lurearts, $20.00; Middle left: From Mayware, $10.00; Middle right: kimwestad, $80.00; Bottom left: contrabandstudios, $9.00;Bottom right: juditavill, $70.00 (set of two)

Each vase is one of a kind, so if it is sold by the time you get there, check out the designers' other items for sale to see if you find anything else that you like!

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Anonymous said...

what a buy for $10 !!