Friday, December 14, 2007

Trees and Beads

Similar to the garland ideas we posted earlier this week, another way to decorate your house this holiday season is by bringing in a good piece of driftwood or manzanita wood and decorating it with some beads. We are always on the look out for beautiful branches. Last year, we put some black flat rocks in the bottom of a vase and placed a gorgeous piece of manzanita in it. To bring some sparkle to the piece, Don, one of our designers, wrapped strings of clear crystal beads around each of the branches. The final result was beautiful - modern, sleek, and interesting. I wish we had a picture of the piece. The concept reminds me of ice frozen on tree branches, perfect for the winter season.

To get an idea of the look, Perfect Bound posted two pictures of beautiful trees draped with crystal beads that reminded me about our similar "tree" from last year. Ours was done on a much smaller scale though and the beads were wrapped, not draped. The picture to the right is from Geoff Howell and photo by Jeff McNamara.

Nettleton Hollow, an online store from New York, stocks a lot of different types of branches and wood. Or you can stop by the shop to see what we have on hand - like I said, we are always on the look out for beautiful pieces.

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