Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Read My Mood - Alstroemeria

Last night, by accident - a momentary lapse - I sent a truck driver the wrong way. He pulled over to ask me the simple question of how to get to a nearby street. I knew the street and told him where I thought it was. Then, as he pulled away, I realized I sent him in the wrong direction. It was actually right, not left. Of course, I felt terrible.

Then, when thinking about what to post for today, I looked through some of my tagged websites. One of the sites I found a while back was "Read My Mood". Still thinking about the mistake I made, I thought this might be interesting. Read My Mood is a creation of the Flower Council of Holland. It takes a few lines of text, translates your mood, and provides you with a flower suggestion to match your mood. The tool translates your mood by deciding whether you are happy or mad, sad or cheerful, formal or emotional, male or female, and in love. So, I entered "I feel bad that I sent the driver the wrong way - left, not right." And amazingly enough, the flower that matched my mood was Alstroemeria! How funny is that - yesterday's flower!

Anyways, you can browse all the different flowers to see how they match up with different feelings. And you can test your mood by entering your own text. They suggest that the website might be helpful when choosing which flowers to send to someone. Maybe, but at least it provides an interesting way to look at flowers! I added a button to the left that will read the mood of this blog and match a flower to it - let's see how it changes throughout the next few weeks! Check out the website, here.

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