Thursday, August 7, 2008

College Living

It is that time of the year.  The car gets packed to the gills and you head out to start a new year.  College students all over the U.S. will be decorating their dorms and college apartments over the next few weeks, if they haven't already.  The first year is always the most exciting and overwhelming.  What to bring?  There is tons of advice out there on this.  I remember the monster list I had with great suggestions on items that I needed for the year.  Here are a few lists that I found online: Off-to-College Checklist, Bed Bath and Beyond, and the Container Store.  The Container Store also has some tips for college living on their main dorm room page. And here are some more suggestions to keep organized and manage in a small spaceNational Geographic also lists some resources for taking your dorm room green. Remember to check with your school to find out what is allowed in your dorm room and don't forget to plan with your roommate!

My one suggestion would be to add some live plants.  They bring life to the room and offer an inexpensive option for decor.  Try African Violets, succulents, or a money tree for easy to care for options.  Lucky Bamboo or wheat grass are two other ideas that would work too!  Go to your local florist and see what is available that you like. 

african violet bamboo 2

[photos via pusgums and cyntheticflava]

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