Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Flower Trends

Some spring flower trends have been posted by the UK Flowers and Plants Association.  I think they are right on point with selecting gray as one of the trends.  I have seen lots of gray out there.  It is a neutral color that allows the flowers to pop against it.  Here is some  information about the trend,  which they name "Colourful Grey" (British spelling), from their site:

Colourful Grey’ symbolises all that is fabulous in nature.  Like the first splashes of dawn glimpsed over dark and sleeping hills. Like walking along a pebbled beach on a crisp, spring morning, and noticing one bright orange starfish, washed up by the surf and glowing like a flame amongst ash. Like looking up at a greying spring sky at dusk, and seeing the blues and greens of a magpie’s wing glinting in the dying sun. This is nature personified; with a duality of opposites coming together to form exquisite beauty. 

Here are some pictures of how to design floral arrangements using the gray and colorful pops of gerbera daisies.

bubble Stijl:
Stijl: Picture 16507

More spring flower trends to come later this week and next!

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