Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Aisle Style

I really wanted to have flower petals lining the aisle when I got married, but alas due to restrictions, we couldn't. However, there are tons of ways to decorate the aisle for your wedding ceremony. You could have two aisle markers made of big, beautiful arrangements that make a statement when guests walk in. Or have them lining the entire aisle. You could put pomanders or pew markers on each (or every other or the first and last) row. You could line the aisle with candles or a flower garland. Here are some pictures to provide you with some inspiration.

rose pomander big arrangements rose arrangement
pink big arrangemnet 2 garland
accent yellow petals and candles wedding channel green and orange

[click on each of the pictures for the original - from the the knot, wedding channel, and]

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