Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Something other than Roses

Some love to receive traditional and classic red roses for Valentine's Day.* Others hope for something a bit different and more unique. Some suggestions for choosing a great arrangement are available in this article Tips for Giving Valentine's Day Flowers. One benefit of choosing something different than red roses is that the price can be bit better. The price of red roses rises for Valentine's Day because of the high demand placed on the classic Valentine's Day flower. So, think about some other options to mix things up a bit! One way to select an arrangement other than red roses, is to choose an arrangement that sends a secret message with the specific flowers that you choose (as they did in Victorian times).

mixed arrangement 2

Or, if you are more straightforward, go with something that catches your eye, and attach a love note to the flowers. A mixed bouquet of roses, gerbera daisies, and mums can be eye-catching. French tulips are especially beautiful and delicate.

If you put a little thought into the flower you choose, you could really impress. Does your loved one have a favorite flower? Is there a flower that reminds you of your loved one? Did your wife include a special flower in your wedding? Did your mom always have a special flower in your house or garden when you were growing up? Does your daughter absolutely love the color yellow?

*If red roses are still on your mind though, check out this flickr group of red rose photos for some Valentine's Day inspiration; here is my favorite.

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