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Meaning of Rose Colors

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The meaning behind the color of roses may vary depending on who is giving and receiving the flowers! But, most people follow the traditional meanings, especially for Valentine's Day. So, for those who are interested in the traditional meanings of the color of roses, here you go:

Red - I love you, love, romance, beauty, passion, prosperity, congratulations, courage, and respect

Dark red or burgundy - unconscious beauty, beauty within

Pink - happiness, appreciation, thankfulness, grace, gentility, joy, grace, admiration, sweetness, sympathy, please believe me

Dark pink - gratitude, thank you

Purple - falling in love, love at first sight, enchantment

Coral and orange - desire, fascination, enthusiasm

Peach - desire, gratitude, cheerfulness, sincerity, appreciation, admiration, sympathy, modesty

Yellow - joy, friendship, freedom, promise of a new beginning, delight, jealousy, come back soon

White - innocence, purity, secrecy, friendship, truth, virtue, charm, humility, happy love

Color Combinations

Yellow with a Red tip - falling in love, friendship

Red and Yellow - Joviality, happiness, congratulations

Red and White - Unity

Yellow and Orange - passionate thoughts

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