Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flag Arrangement - 4th of July

Here is one floral arrangement idea you could use to celebrate July 4th!

Take 6 or more small, short cube vases, a bunch of red and white flowers (roses, carnations, or tulips) and your favorite blue flower (dyed blue roses, hydrangeas, cornflowers, anemones, or even irises).  Line up all the cube vases in a rectangle on your table.  Fill one cube with the blue flowers and put that in the top corner, and then fill the other cubes with alternating rows of red and white.  Final result - flag of flowers!  You could even sprinkle in a few small white blooms to make the stars for the blue cube.  You could also due this with a box, glass baking dish (with short stems and floral foam), or whatever else you think of!

Similar to this, but on a smaller scale!


[photo by Neil Rickards]

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