Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Garden Shower

garden shower

This picture from the Wedding Style Guide, a new wedding inspiration resource from Australia, is just so adorable.  I love the green boots, fresh flowers, brown paper wrapped around the bunches, big mason jars, and brown twine.  Wouldn't it be cute to throw a flower arranging shower in your backyard.  I know bridesmaids are always looking for fun activities to do at bridal showers.  This would be a great way to get the guests involved and it would give them a little favor to take home with them.  Buying a few bunches of flowers would be less expensive than a few center pieces too!  To take it a step further, talk to your local florist and see if you can schedule one of their designers to come and give a short little lesson.  This could be used for more than just wedding showers too - think local garden club meeting, girls night out, new neighbor welcome, any number of events.

Check out the Wedding Style Guide blog too!

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