Monday, May 5, 2008

Mother's Day! May 11th

Mother's Day is just around the corner.  Don't forget to plan something special for your mom.  Here are some great ideas for how to use flowers to make mom smile!

hanging basket  

I love this idea!  Surprise mom before she wakes up in the morning. When I was little, we would celebrate mother's day by making our mom breakfast in bed.  We would write up a menu, and then, run upstairs to take her order.  My dad would make up the breakfast with us helping (washing the blueberries and pouring the orange juice).  We would then bring the meal up for her when ready.  We would have really pulled this together by placing a little arrangement of flowers around her bed post!   


I also like the idea of using real flowers to accent gift wrapping.  It is easy to do and adds a special touch to your gifts.  I have seen more elaborate arrangements placed on top of larger boxes, but I think the single rose pictured above works really well too!

write stuff spices of life

Another idea for Better Homes and Gardens is to place flowers inside the present that you are giving to your mom.  If your mom likes to write, you can give her a hand-made pencil holder (like this, this, or this) filled with some of her favorite blooms.  Or if your mom likes to cook, take a mortar and pestle set and fill the mortar with some flowers. 

Just some ideas to get you started - we will post more throughout the week!

[pictures from Better Homes and Gardens]

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