Monday, April 7, 2008


It has been awhile since we featured a tropical flower.  Today's flower is Ginger, also known as Alpinia.  Like many tropical flowers, these are big, dramatic flowers.  Originally they are from Malaysia, but now they bloom in many tropical regions.  Ginger comes in red or pink, but there is also a yellow variety.  Depending on the type of ginger, the shape varies.  The one shown below is shaped like a pine cone and is often found in floral shops.   It is commonly called beehive ginger.  

cone ginger 2 

[images from turtlemom4bacon and daveyll]

Another variety often found in floral shops (definitely ours), looks like the ones below, a little bit longer and more opened.

ginger kabloom of sandy springs

[image from KaBloom of Sandy Springs]

Quick Tips

Tropical flowers like warmer temperatures and bright indirect light.  You can spray the petals with water to keep them moist and fresh.  Change the water and trim the stems every three to four days. And they are related to the ginger you eat!

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