Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentine's Day One Week Away!

I always have the best intentions for buying gifts and sending cards early, but somehow the intentions escape me. I end up waiting until the last minute, running around all over the place, trying to put the best possible gift together. Those few times, when I have my act together, remind me how much easier it is when I buy my gifts ahead of time! With that said - make your plans, place your flower orders (hint, hint), and buy your cards - now! To get you thinking, we will take some time to let you know what we have in our shop, especially for Valentine's Day - besides flowers of course. :)

Stuffed Animals - We love GUND products! We love them so much that it is sometimes hard to choose which ones to stock. If we could, we would have one of each in the store, because they are THAT adorable! We have a great selection available to add to your order.

Box of Chocolates - Nothing says Valentine's Day like flowers and chocolate. Plus, chocolates are easy to share with co-workers and friends!vance k candles Just let us know whether you want a small, medium, or large box!

Candles - Planning a romantic night at home, candles ALWAYS add to the mood. Really, who doesn't like candles?

Cards - We have a small selection of unique cards. So, if you did not find a card you liked at your favorite stationery store or at the grocery store, come on over to our shop. (Or we can just add it, with your note inside, to your floral delivery order.)

Balloons - And of course, we can add balloons to your order!

So, don't delay! Take sometime this weekend to finalize your plans. Valentine's Day is just a few days away!

Valentines Day Greetings

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