Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Unique Vases

Over the weekend, Inventor Spot posted a bunch of beautiful and unique vases that go beyond your typical cut glass or crystal vase. Any of the vases could make for a wonderful gift, maybe as a wedding present or for another special occasion. My favorite by far, is the Love is Blind vase below; it is subtle in its meaning and delicate in its beauty.

love letter braille

Love is blind by Jessica Lertvilai in Canada.

Can you see the braille on the vase? The braille transcribes words of love onto the front of the vase, making the vase a beautiful statement of romance. You can buy it at Fluke Collective for $87.00.

A close second favorite comes from Emogayu. The small, ceramic vases have an organic feel to them. They can double as candle holders, too. I love the little holes; they remind me of lava rocks, which is fitting, because the collection is called "Volcano".

volcano07 emogayu

Pictured above is one of the Volcano vases from Emogayu found via Below the Clouds.

Unfortunately, I am not sure how you go about buying the Emogayu vases. The designer is based out of Tokyo, so I guess you could travel there... Or Emogayu has an Etsy account. It may be a bit less expensive to contact the designer there, and see about getting your hands on these beautiful pieces.

Don't forget to take a look at the other vases posted by Inventor Spot. They also featured the chalkboard vase that we posted about a few weeks ago. If you really want one, and are feeling up to making your own, you could buy the vase, instead of making your own!


Anonymous said...

this looks japanese to me.

Inspired to Flower said...

you should check out her other vases - they are really cool looking!