Monday, February 18, 2008


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[image via tanakawho]

Ranunculus is one of my all time favorite flowers! The name means "little frog," which comes from the Latin word "rana" - frog. They are also commonly called buttercup or crowfoot. The flower means "you are rich in attractions" or "you are very attractive". The flower itself also is beautiful with its layers and layers of petals. All the different, bright colors that they come in, orange, red, pink, yellow, white, and purple, make the flower pop. A while back we received a very unique variety with green specks highlighted throughout the petals. We loved them and wish we saw them more often! I wish I had a picture of them, too. These flowers are usually available in the winter and spring months - so now is their time!

[images from jslander]

Care tips:

As with most other flowers, remove all foliage before putting them in your vase. Recut stems and change water the water regularly. Also treat them carefully because they are delicate flowers. You can use flower wire to keep them standing straight up, because they have curvy stems. Last but not least, keep them away from fruits and vegetables, because they are ethylene sensitive.

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