Monday, February 25, 2008

Birds of Paradise

The name of a flower and an animal, Birds of Paradise, in the floral world, are also known as Crane Flowers and scientifically as Strelitzia reginae. The flower gets its name from how it resembles a bird when it blooms. The meaning of the flower's name is joy or joyfulness. The most typical Birds of Paradise are bright orange and blue. They originate from South Africa, but are grown in many warm climate environments.


[images clockwise starting from top left corner: timparkinson, Mr. Phil Price,

and shiny things]

Care tips:

As a cut flower, Birds of Paradise last a long time, so they are a great buy at any florist shop. Their tall stalks and big blooms allow them to stand out with just one or two stems. They require very little care once you get them home, just keep the water fresh. Each stem contains about 4 to 5 flowers. Usually only one is visible at a time, so once the visible flower withers, remove it carefully with your hand and see if another flower pops up. Oh, and they don't like cold temperatures, given that they are tropical flowers :)

tropical kabloom of sandy springs

mixed 2

[images from left: kabloom of sandy springs, right (top to bottom): RBerteig, bruno girin, and HVargas]
Most people I know really enjoy these flowers because they remind them of tropical places. Plus, they are unique and different - just a bit special. For more information, check out these sites: Wisconsin Horticulture and BBC - H2G2.

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