Thursday, January 31, 2008

Valentine's Day Party / Dinner Ideas

Planning a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day? Or perhaps a cocktail party with friends? Well, here are some great party suggestions to bring out the best of the Valentine's Day theme. All you need - guests, food, drinks, and some decor!

One of the best places to go for instant party inspiration is The Hostess with the Mostest (TM) blog! She recently featured a number of different party ideas to get you started - invitations, decorations, more decorations, drink ideas, and dessert recipes. Try making these cute little "love bites".

[image from Parent's Magazine via HWTM]

Cheese fondue or blue cheese beef tenderloin are tasty dinner party ideas. Or take William-Sonoma's Valentine's Day menu and cook together. Tricolore salad, steak piperade, lemon zest spinach, and warm molten chocolate cakes sound delicious!

If you plan on using an ice bucket to chill wine or champagne, why not add a little twist to the ice cubes by freezing spray roses into each cube. Jonathan Fong says "They'll melt any heart." :) Click here for the instructions (found via AisleDash). Just don't put the ice cubes in your drinks, unless they are edible flowers.

[image from Jonathan Fong]

One last cute idea for decor comes from Martha Stewart. All you need are two nesting glass containers (the smaller one should be shorter and about an inch narrower than the bigger one), Valentine's Day candy (like sweat hearts or cinnamon hearts), and flowers, and you can make this creative arrangement.

[image from Martha Stewart]
Happy planning!

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