Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

We wish everyone a year full of good health and happiness! Thanks for helping to make 2007 a great year! We look forward to another year of providing you with high quality fresh flowers!

Yesterday, you may have seen coverage of the 119th Rose Parade as a part of the Tournament of Roses celebration. This year, the theme was a "Passport to the World's Celebrations." Following is a list of some of the most popular flowers used in creating the floats (via HGTV):
  • Rose - of course, about 1.5 million roses were used this year
  • Carnation - full, economical, and hardy
  • Chrysanthemum - plush and velvety
  • Gladiolus - big and dramatic (used to petal* floats)
  • Gerbera daisy - unique and fun
  • Strawflower - dried and long-lasting (sometimes put in a blender to make confetti)
  • Orchid - beautiful and colorful
  • Lily - big and showy
  • Statice - thin, papery, and comes in a brilliant blue
  • Anthurium - interesting and long-lasting
The links above will bring you to the picture of the type of flower; they are combined into one graphic below. All images from Flickr and linked to authors above.

All images from Flickr and linked to authors above.

*One of the techniques used to create the floats includes "petaling" where the designers take individual petals of the flowers to cover a sculpture on the float.

To see some great photos of the floats, check out this website:

In other bowl news - congrats to the Georgia Bulldogs for winning the Sugar Bowl!

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